I believe in people and if you are training hard in your chosen field of competition, as a therapist I feel so very fortunate to be able to help you achieve your goals.

Equally if you are not sporty but have a physical job or are desk bound and your activity or lack of activity is plaguing you with muscular discomfort and pain it is a priviledge to be able to help. 

Every client is unique and treated as an individual. No two clients are the same and although treatment protocols may be similar one size does not fit all. 

The way that you feel pain and discomfort will not be the same as how I, your neighbour or co worker feels discomfort, therefore I treat, as appropriate, for you. 

I am always striving to reach new heights, keen to learn from a plethora of resourses some of which are on my useful tips page together with my resourses used page which I hope may be of interest to you. I also welcome honest feedback from all of my clients. 

Another therapist I follow is a great lady called Alison Denney, who says that she sees soft tissue as not merely a physical element but as a deeply complex, neurologically driven part of who you are and uses this knowledge to work with you.  When Allison embarked on her own training many years ago and when asked what she wanted from her course her excellent response was this, “Touch is the most authentic form of human communication. I want to hone my skills and learn how to listen with my hands so that I can fully understand what my clients need.” I could not have articulated this in any better way. What a wonderful response. 

This is the therapist I am working hard to be.

Not sure what treatment is right for you?

What to expect on your first appointment


Step 1.

I start by asking you to complete a client consultation form, as well as my contraindications check list, which is a list of conditions which may have affected you within the last 6 months which may prevent or restrict me from treating you.

This is crucial as your wellbeing is my priority.     

All information you provide me is treated in the strictest confidence.


Objective and Subjective History

I will discuss with you in some depth, what you feel is causing you a problem. 

I will the take a good look at your posture and ranges of movement. This enables me to get a good idea of what may be causing soft tissue restrictions.  

After this I will clearly explain my findings, how I plan to treat you and what you can expect to feel.   

I will also advise you of any post treatment protocols.


Communication and Understanding

I allow my clients plenty of time to explain how they are feeling, as everyone is unique and we all experience pain in a different way.     

Every client is treated as an individual and I  always endeavour to communicate clearly, never discounting anything  said to me, no matter how trivial it may seem.  

No one knows their body better than you and as your therapist I completely respect that.