Kinesiology Taping in Devizes


Kinesiology tape was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in Japan,in the 1970's. 

Dr. Kase began searching for a sports taping method which could assist in the healing of traumatised tissue and muscles. He found that standard taping techniques, such as athletic taping and strapping, provided muscle and joint support, however, they reduced range of motion, did not support the fascia and, in some cases, inhibited the actual healing process of traumatised tissue. 

A new treatment approach was needed. In 1973, Dr Kase's objective was to create a therapeutic tape and taping technique which could support joints and muscles, without restricting range of motion. 

He also hoped to formulate a taping technique which could have benefits for the lymphatic system. 

Following two years of research into muscle taping, tape elasticity, adhesiveness and breathability Dr Kase developed the Kinesio Taping method. 

Kinesiology Taping first saw worldwide exposure during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Since then, Kinesio has become a popular form of muscle taping used by many Health Professionals across the world.

Kinesiology Tape is made of a stretch, cotton fabric with a unique wave form adhesive backing. 

Used correctly is can benefit a variety of musculature and sports injures and can also provide relief of inflammation. 

Mimicking the human skin itself, it can be worn without constricting or restricting your movement.

Kinesiology Tape can treat a wide range of sports injuries and physical problems.

It improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage of the injured area.

It also reduces swelling, promotes healing and provides pain relief. The 100% cotton material provides a warming effect which further enhances its effects.

I have to be honest I was really quite skeptical about K Tape, but I have used in on numerous clients for a variety of reasons and received 100% positive feedback regarding the application and benefits of this incredible product.